Deciding to achieve the most effective automation of industrial machines, we have chosen to design, implement, and install a professional automatic control system for the operation of spot welding lines for battery pack assemblies. This innovative approach aims to significantly streamline operations, increase production efficiency, and maximize profits.

Our proposed solutions have already been applied to other real-world facilities, such as a two-axis riveting machine and an eccentric press.

Pilot automatic control system

In view of the need to minimize the impact of human factor error in the production process – the investor decided to introduce a pilot system for automatic control of the process of welding battery packs on one of its production lines. The solution proposed by our company, takes full advantage of the diagnostic capabilities of spot welding machines, by providing real-time information about the correctness of the welds made, but also controlling their quantity at each stage.

The operator is informed in an intuitive way about the status of the weld, which speeds up and facilitates work, while minimizing downtime. The integration of several welding machines in the system and the use of a dedicated communication bus allowed the rearming of the welding line to be done easily from a single location. Confirmation of the correctness and innovation of the adopted concept is that the system is used by the investor on subsequent welding lines.