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1 | Cookies (“cookies”) are small textual information sent by a web server and stored on the User’s side (usually on the hard disk). The default parameters of cookies allow only the server that created them to read the information they contain.

2 | INEE INDUSTRY stores cookies on users’ computers in order to adapt the content of the Website to the User’s preferences and needs, in particular taking into account the type of the Device by which the User uses the Website.

3 | You can disable the storage of cookies in your browser settings. However, such a configuration may significantly impede the user’s ability to use INEE INDUSTRY’s websites.

4 | In order to manage cookie settings, select the web browser you are using from the list below and follow the instructions:

  • Internet Explorer, block cookies Click “Tools” and select “Internet Options” Click the “Privacy” tab at the top of the window Move the slider up or down to indicate which rules you want to use to block cookies Delete cookies Click “Tools” and select “Internet Options” On the “General” tab, under “Browsing History”, click the “Delete” button In the pop-up window, select the box next to “Cookies” Click the “Delete” button

  • Chrome,

  • Safari,

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  • Opera

  • Mobile devices:

    • Android
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    • Windows Phone
    • Blackberry

5 | Using INEE INDUSTRY websites without changing your cookie settings means that cookies will be stored on your device.