The commissioning of production lines involves detailed analysis, setup and then testing of the entire project – only experienced specialists know how to perform a correct installation of the lines. Commissioning a machine or an entire production line requires experience and knowledge to quickly and thoroughly review the documentation. In addition, the ability to analyze an existing program and implement it step-by-step is essential. As a company we have such qualifications – and, importantly, experience in this kind of work, supported by successfully completed implementations. After the commissioning is completed, we offer preparation of as-built documentation, including corrections to the existing documentation – necessary for the startup of the line.

This is because the effect of commissioning services has a significant impact on the subsequent operation of the enterprise – it prevents the occurrence of possible standstills or unexpected failures, and it should be remembered that efficiency, functionality and safety are undoubtedly the most important aspects of a successful industrial unit.

Commissioning services for industry

Our company INEE Industry sp. z o.o. offers commissioning services performed as part of the industrial automation service – we are responsible for the commissioning of lines installed in new facilities located at our clients’ companies. For our part, we guarantee that we have the required authorizations and knowledge that allows us to perform the work correctly. Properly implemented automation of production lines is extremely important, as it has a real impact on the subsequent operation of the company.

Commissioning services for production lines new or relocated from other locations, as well as integrating new machinery and equipment into an existing process line.

What activities can you expect to perform as part of production line automation?

We offer a number of services proposed as part of production line automation, including installation of equipment, as well as assembly of machines, lines and production lines – however, we are primarily responsible for:

  • Installation of machinery after relocation;
  • commissioning and adaptation of machinery, equipment and production lines to the requirements of the Machinery Directive and European standards;
  • upgrading control systems to current standards;
  • analyzing the scope of necessary adjustment work;


You can find out the exact scope of our work by contacting us – we adapt to the specifics of the site and perform the necessary installation and commissioning activities.

Our Clients