INEE Industry provides commissioning services for lines installed in a new facility. Commissioning of a machine or a whole production line requires experience and knowledge, which allow for quick and thorough familiarization with the documentation. In addition, the ability to analyze the existing programme and its gradual implementation is essential. As a company we have such qualifications, and what is important, experience in this kind of work, supported by completed implementations. After the completed commissioning we offer the preparation of as-built documentation, including corrections to the existing documentation, necessary to run the line.

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INEE Industry also offers PROFIBUS tests performed with the PROFIBUS Tester 4 – it is a professional diagnostic tool for examining the physical layer of the network and protocol analysis. The condition of cables is checked, voltage drops, reflections, configuration errors can be detected. After the diagnostic service the customer receives a report with professional analysis of the network condition and results.

It is recommended to test the network not only when failures occur, but also to test the network periodically for preventive purposes to detect possible faults early so that production downtime can be prevented.


The quality of our services is not accidental, we use software
and components only from reputable companies: