INEE Industry sp. z o.o. developed an innovative concept for the control system of a hydraulically driven biaxial riveting machine, and then put the idea into practice – making a finished structure using modern positioning functions available in Siemens Simatic S7-1500 controllers.

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Proprietary control algorithm

The control system we offer operates on the basis of a proprietary algorithm that has been written from scratch. Why?

Originally, the machine was equipped with a dedicated controller, which prevented adequate modifications. As a result, positioning functions built into the controller were used to control the movement of the axes. The implemented algorithm allows to control the correctness of the process, view the current states of inputs and outputs of the controller, as well as program and select recipes with stored riveting sequences.

Operation is carried out from a touch-screen operator panel with clear visualization, made according to the requirements of each customer. Safety functions are implemented through FailSafe modules of the controller.

As a result, the modification made it possible to increase the reliability of the two-axis riveting machine and significantly influenced the ease of maintenance, and, most importantly, increased production efficiency and reduced the execution time of individual orders.