INEE Industry has designed from scratch, and then successfully commissioned control system for eccentric press with manual detail feed and automatic work cycle. In this type of press a processed detail is put into the press by an operator, which then initiates a work cycle using a two-hand operated console. Thanks to suitable and precise cycle control done by rotary cams system, it is possible to safely remove detail during upward movement of the press.

A control algorithm run by PLC allows taking care of many elements during pressing process, such as detail control, smearing of the press other elements which are crucial for correct production. It also provides range of several operating modes to choose from. Working comfort is improved thanks to using touch HMI panels and lucid visualization, which contains elements and options suited to customer needs. 

All safety functions are realized using configurable safety system Pilz MultiPNOZ m2p.


  • Electrical schematics in ePlan P8,
  • Prefabrication of new control cabinet,
  • PLC Siemens series S7-300,
  • Safety controller PILZ MultiPNOZ m2p,
  • Major safety components including: light barriers, rotary cam dedicated for press control, two-hand operated consoles,
  • Commissioning of the system and validation tests afterwards.


  • Basing safety functions on SIEMENS S7-1500 SAFETY Controller with  „Safety PRESS” functions, which are certificated by TUV,
  • Adapting components and algorithm to specific press type depending on its equipment.
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