Development of the concept and then commissioning the control system for a two-axle riveter with a hydraulic drive using the new positioning functions available now in Siemens SIMATIC S7-1500 controllers.
Control algorithm was written from scratch, as originally machine has had no longer supported embedded driver. S7-1500 motion functions were used to control drives. Implemented algorithm makes possible supervising process correctness, inputs and outputs state preview, create and then select desired recipes with saved riveting sequences. Operating is possible from a touch HMI panel TP-700 with lucid visualization made to meet client requirements.  Safety system was executed on Siemens FailsSafe modules.
Modification improved machine’s reliability, made maintenance easier and significantly increased production volume.


  • Electrical schematics in ePlan P8,
  • Prefabrication of new control cabinet,
  • PLC Siemens S7-1500 SAFETY series,
  • Operation panel – Siemens TP700
  • SICK encoders and REXROTH hydraulic amplifier modules
  • Commissioning of the system and validation tests afterwards.


  • Adapting components and algorithm to specific two-axle machines like milling machines or laser cutters
  • Adapting control algorithm to work with other drives  for example step motors
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