Our Company designed and commisioned an automatic control system of plastic spot welders for batteries.

In order minimize human error during production process, the investor had decided to introduce a pilot program to address this case and chose to use it on one of his production lines. Solution delivered by INEE Industry Comapny takes full advantage of diagnostic possibilities of plastic spot welders by continously providing precise data about quality of welds and their quantity in each stage of process. An operator is being informed about current state of weld in intuitive way. It allows to make work quicker and downtimes shorter which results in more efficent production overall.
Integration of serveral welders in one control system and use of dedicated communication bus allowed to changeover production line easily from one place.
The confirmation of correctness and innovation of the approach is that the system is used by the investor on the following lines of welding.


  • Electrical schematics in ePlan P8,
  • Development of the concept of the system,
  • Software control system contains pre-defined welding programs.
  • Prefabrication of the control cabinet,
  • Launch of the system at the customer, system testing and support after commissioning,
  • PLC Siemens series S7-1500,
  • HMI Siemens TP series.
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