Factories often need outside help to remove cause of failure. Our company provides maintenance services allowing quick analysis of the problem and its removal. We offer a technology that allows remote access to object. This allows us to provide technical support to the local Maintenance Department at any time, regardless of time of day or night. When we receive service request, we immediately send a team, which fix the problem as soon as possible. In our company we have employees with extensive experience gained in Maintenance Department.



INEE Industry offers PROFIBUS network tests performed using PROFIBUS Tester 4 – a professional diagnostic tool for verifying condition of a network and finding its malfunctions. During the test the condition of wires is being checked, as well as configuration and protocol correctness. Test performing is possible during running operation. After test client receive detailed report with network analysis made by our specialists.  

It is recommended to carry out network test not only in the case of sudden failure, but also to investigate network status in order to detect faults early and prevent production breakdowns.


Example report from PROFIBUS Tester 4


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