Simatic S5 to S7 Migration
Migration S5 to S7 means exchange the old type of control system, based on Simatic S5,  for the new control system based on Simatic S7. Important for migration is to preserve full functionality of the old system in the new.

Is this necessary?
Control systems like all devices getting older and the probability of failure is increased. Additionally, series S5 is withdrawn from sale and in next years will be no longer supported by Siemens. In our professional practice we met up with situations where the cost of repairing the old control system based on Simatic S5, exceeded the costs of migration.

Why choose us?
Our employees have knowledge, experience, access to relevant software tools, documentation and PLC component. In addition, several engineers from our team worked in
Maintenance Department, which allows us to better plan the entire migration process and minimize the time needed to carry it out.

Inee Industry

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