About us

INEE Industry sp. z o.o. provides highly specialized engineering services in the area of industrial automation and process control. Activity of the company is focused on implementation of professional solutions fitted to requirements of client. Thanks to our experience and openness to new solutions we are able to cope with numerous tough challenges given by our clients. We are working in highly demanding branches of industry in Poland and all around the world.

Our staff includes engineers with many years of experience in designing automation control systems and maintaining them. Various skills, abilities and practical knowledge allow us to realize turnkey projects. All stages of any project, such as developing electrical diagrams, developing PLC algorithms and prefabrication of control cabinet, are being done by our employees.

Inee Industry

INEE Industry sp. z o.o.
ul. Cieszyńska 21
43-170 Łaziska Górne
Tel. +48 32 234 40 06
Fax +48 32 234 40 07
NIP EU: PL 9691618829

Inee Industry



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